Welcome to Billon!

Welcome to the world where secure, electronic money on your mobile phone will replace paper notes in your wallet.

About Billon

Billon is a fintech company that has developed an application based on distributed ledger technology. The application, which may be used on an electronic device e.g. mobile phone, enables users to collect and pay with electronic money (e.g. a digital form of British Pounds). As a company, we are legally registered in the United Kingdom (company number 10169337). If you would like to know more about Billon, please visit our website www.billongroup.com.

Thanks to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) acceptance of Billon onto their programme, we are able to test the functionality of our application within their “regulatory sandbox”.

For the purposes of FCA regulatory sandbox testing Billon Financial Ltd has been granted registration as a Small Electronic Money Institution (SEMI) from 19 January 2017, under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (EMRs) https://register.fca.org.uk/.

Dashboard in Billon mobile app

About the test

The test that we undertook as part of the FCA’s regulatory sandbox was ended.

We would like to thank you all for participation and feedback we received.

Your comments and suggestions will help us to improve our application and to become the best product on the market.

If you had not collected your bonus on your Billon application yet, please do so till May 19th.

Visit our website: http://billon.info/productionv3-uk/en/payout/ukpilot/ where you can collect your bonus.

The website will be available till May 19th.

Next, at any time convinient for you, you may cash out your money from the Billon application using a bank transfer or i-movo voucher.

The instructions regarding how to collect and cash out your bonus are below together with Frequently Asked Questions. In case of any additional questions please contact us on support@billonfinancial.com

Our test was organized under supervision of the Financial Conduct Authority within the parameters of the “regulatory sandbox”.

The regulatory sandbox allows firms to test innovative offerings in a live environment.

More information on the FCA’s regulatory sandbox can be found here.

How to download the application

To download the Billon application on your Android mobile phone please use the link that was sent to you in the email from Conduct Research Company

How to register in Billon app

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Registration process:

  1. When you download and open the Billon application on your mobile phone please choose “REGISTRATION”;
  2. Choose and enter a personal username that you would like to use. The username should have mini. 4 characters and it can contain alphanumeric signs and symbols;
  3. Choose and enter a password you would like to use. The password should have at least 9 characters and needs to contain combination of 2 from 3 following elements: letters (small and big), numbers and symbols;
  4. Repeat the password;
  5. Now, please enter your email address (obligatory), without the email address you will not to be able to recover your password if you forget it;
  6. Repeat your email address;
  7. Please enter your mobile phone number. Having it, we will be able to inform you e.g. about money that are waiting for you;
  8. Please read and accept our Terms of Service;
  9. To finalize registration process press “NEXT”;
  10. Please wait whilst we finalize your registration process. It will be finished when “GO TO APP” button becomes active;
    Congratulations! You have become a registered Billon user.
  11. Press “GO TO APP” and you enter application Dashboard.
registration process

How to collect your bonus

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Payment collection:

  1. First, log in to Billon application on your phone (please remember to stay logged in throughout the process);
  2. Next please open a website link shown here;
  3. On the website mentioned above, please enter your username and click “Log in”. Our system will then search for your user;
  4. Next, you will receive a notification in your Billon application, on your phone, requesting confirmation of a transfer from Billon Account. Please select "Accept".
  5. Then our system will check whether there is any electronic money waiting for you;
  6. If there is a bonus for you to collect, it will be presented, then please click “Collect” and money will be transferred to your Billon application on your mobile phone. You will see the transfer completion notification on your application and on our website.
Receiving of payout

How to cash your e-money

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Transfer to a bank account:

  1. Log into you Billon application on your device;
  2. Please select “CASH OUT” on your application’s Dashboard screen;
  3. Then choose “Bank account” and confirm;
  4. On “Withdraw Cash via Bank account” screen enter amount you’d like to transfer;
  5. Next, select or add a bank account. To add new account press “+” and go to Bank account form to enter: account name and account number (obligatory fields), the Receiver name and address. Confirm by “SAVE”;
  6. Progress by pressing “NEXT”;
  7. On a next screen, the application will calculate and present you a fee for this transaction (during this pilot the fee is set on zero);
  8. By selecting ”ACCEPT” you will approve the transaction;
  9. The transaction will progress, money will be deducted from your Billon app and will be sent and next, within a few working days, available on the bank account you selected.
Transfer to bank account

Cash withdrawal via i-movo CashOut Stores:

  1. Log into you Billon application on your device;
  2. Please select “CashOut” on your application’s Dashboard screen;
  3. Select “CashOut” option;
  4. You will move to “CashOut Vouchers” where we will present all Vouchers you already generated. If you want to generate a new Voucher press “+” and move to “Create CashOut Voucher” screen;
  5. On the “Create CashOut Voucher” enter the amount you would like to withdraw;
  6. Press “Next”;
    You will see the information about a fee for this transaction. (during this pilot the fee is set on zero);
  7. By selecting ”ACCEPT” you will approve the transaction;
  8. The transaction will be in progress. On the Dashboard you will see the money deducted from Billon app and a new Voucher will be presented at “CashOut Vouchers” screen;
  9. Present your Voucher at selected CashOut Stores. You can find the map of CashOut Stores at the screen where the Voucher is stored.


You can collect your money at any time.
Your device is now your wallet – please take care of it.
Any money transferred to the Vault is available on any device on which your log in to the Billon application.
If the device on which you keep your money is destroyed, the money will be lost. The situation is just like losing a physical wallet. To avoid such situation remember that you can use the Vault to protect your money and access it from any device.
In your application you can always check how much money you have on the device you use and are currently logged in to, and how much money you keep on the vault.
Transfer excess money to the Vault regularly – to do this you may set up automatic transfer through the “Settings” option.
You can send us a question any time on support@billonfinancial.com or use the FAQ available below


  • Introduction

  • What is Billon?

    Billon is an application, which enables you to use electronic money (e-money) on your mobile phone (smartphone). E-money can be used to pay for products or services in Internet or any other places, where it is or will be accepted or for settlements between users, e.g. to return the money borrowed before. All you have to do to use e-money is to install Billon application and create your username and password.

  • How does Billon work?

    First of all: fast and simple!

    To use e-money, all you have to do is to install Billon application on your device (smartphone, tablet, PC). Then create your username and password.

    And… that’s all!

    With the application you can:

    • collect e-money from other users, including your employer;
    • pay with e-money e.g. top up your phone;
    • convert your e-money into traditional cash using e.g. transfer to a bank account or cash withdrawal.
  • What is electronic money?

    In United Kingdom, electronic money (e-money) is defined as - electronically (including magnetically) stored monetary value, represented by a claim on the issuer, which is issued on receipt of funds for the purpose of making payment transactions.

    E-money is accepted by a person other than the electronic money issuer.

    E-money might be exchanged electronically over a technical device such as a computer or mobile phone.

    The Billon application uses e-money, that is electronic representation of British Pounds that is fully covered and exchangeable 1:1 for traditional paper cash.

    Electronic money is specifically regulated by:

    The Directive 2009/110/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 September 2009 (The E-Money Directive (2009/110/EC)) and the Electronic Money Regulation from 2011.

    For more information please refer to:



  • What makes the Billon application and the use of e-money so unique?

    Billon is different from any other electronic payment solutions because:

    • e-money is physically stored in the application on your device e.g. on your smartphone. E-money belongs to you, and it is with you, not stored on someone’s servers;
    • e-money is governed by the same rules as paper cash - is available 24 hours, 7 days a week and give opportunity for immediate and direct (without any intermediaries) transfers.
  • May I use e-money (pay and collect) offline (without Internet access)?

    Currently, any effective operation of Billon application needs Internet connection.

  • First steps

  • How do I register in the Billon application?

    To be able to use Billon application, first you need to install it and then register. To do so, you need to: select Register option at the login screen. Then, choose and enter a username that you want to use and a password that only you will know. You also have to enter your email address (it’s obligatory). Your email is necessary for your password recover in case you forget it.

    You are also asked to provide your mobile phone number. Having it, we will be able to inform you e.g. about money that are waiting for you.

    Finally, please read and accept our Terms of Service.

    After entering all these data, your application, fully automatically, generates cryptographic keys, which will protect your electronic money.

    Now, you can start to use the application.

    When you want to restart the application and log in again, simply use the username and password you chosen during registration.

    Your username is visible to other users, but remember do not to disclose your password to anyone!

  • When I downloaded the App it asks if I will allow Billion Financial to access photos, media and files on my device. Do I need to accept it?

    Billon app does not need an access to files, photos and media that are already stored at your device. What we need is your permission to store on your device and next access some files that might be created when you use Billon application e.g. invoices, confirmation of payments, your avatar picture or print screens in case of error reporting. That’s why it’s important that you accept this request.

  • How to set your username and password?
    To use the Billon application you need to choose a username that will identify you and a password that will protect access to your app.
    Your username should have minimum 4 maximum, 50 characters and it can contain letters (small and large) and numbers. It should not contain any symbols (e.g. @, !, etc.) .

    The password you choose and enter has to have at least 9 characters and needs to contain combination of 2 from 3 following elements: letters (small and big), numbers and symbols e.g. letters (big and small) and numbers or numbers and symbols.

    Please, for a security reasons, make your password not easy to presume by anyone and do not share it with anyone!

  • What is “Autologin”?

    Autologin is a function that allows you enter your Billon app without the login process. If you select Autologin checkbox on your login screen, next time you will open the Billon app you will go directly to the Dashboard screen, without necessity to enter your username and password. For security reasons, please use this option only if you are the only user of the device where your Billon app is installed.

  • Do I need to have a bank account to use the Billon application?

    You don’t need to have a bank account to use Billon application.

  • How can I transfer funds into my Billon application?

    There are several methods to top up Billon application with e-money:

    1. A bank transfer:

      Please select “CASH IN” and go to “Cash in through bank transfer”. You will see all information necessary to transfer money to your Billon application incl. account number that you need to top up. Please remember to put your username on the comments of your bank transfer;

    2. Receive payment from another Billon user:

      Both, Sender and Receiver, need to be logged in Billon applications on their devices.

    A person, who wants to transfer e-money to another user, has to select the “PAY” and then choose “By username” option. Next, enter a username of Receiver and amount. There is also a possibility to add some comment. Finally, select “PAY” and the transfer will start.

  • What is a “Vault”?

    Vault is a function in Billon application that allows for storage of e-money securely, without worrying about loss of money caused by potential damage of device on which money is stored. Also, by moving e-money from your device to the Vault you transfer encrypted funds to a Cloud, where they are safe and accessible from all devices on which you are logged in to your Billon application.

  • How to move money to/from “Vault”?
    To move e-money to a Vault: at the Dashboard screen, please select arrows that are located between “On device” and “In vault”.
    You will be transferred to “Move money” screen. Here, using “Move money to” option please select “vault” and enter amount you would like to move from your device to the vault. Next press “MOVE”.

    After a while, on your Dashboard, the indicated amount instead of “On device” will appear “In vault”.

    To move e-money back on your device, first select „in vault”, then select “On device”, enter the amount you want to move and press “MOVE”. To confirm this transaction you will be asked to enter your password.

  • What are the minimum and the maximum amounts, which I can receive or pay (send)?

    The minimum amount supported by the application is 0.01. Maximum amount of operation in Billon application has few types of limits. Detailed information about it can be found in the question concerning the limits.

    In case of exceeding the legal limit of annual turnover of electronic money for unidentified users (the equivalent of 2,500 Euro), it will be required to confirm your identity. You will be able to do so within the Billon application.

  • Using Billon application

  • Where and how can I check what amount of e-money do I have on my device?

    At the Dashboard screen of your Billon app, the amount displayed “On device” gives you the information how much e-money you have available on this device.

    The amount presented “In vault” indicates how much e-money you have in a Cloud. This amount is accessible from any device with your Billon application. To be able to use the amount stored in a Vault, on device you are using, you have to move it from the Vault to this device first.

  • How can I cash out my money from the Billon app?

    You can redeem e-money into traditional cash by using one of options available in Billon application. Currently you can do it via cash withdrawal at CashOut Stores of our Partners or by a bank transfer to a bank account.

  • How do I cash out money to a bank account using a bank transfer?
    To redeem your e-money using a bank transfer you need to log into Billon application, select “CASH OUT” and then choose “Bank account” option. Then, on a screen “Withdraw Cash via Bank Account” you will be asked to enter amount. Next, you may select or add bank account number. Progress by pressing “Next”.
    On the next screen the application will calculate and present you a fee for this transaction. During the test, we won’t charge any fee, so in the application we will show 0 Pounds (GBP) as a fee.
    By selecting ”Accept” you will approve the transaction together with presented fee.

    The transaction will progress. On the Dashboard, you will see that money has been deducted from Billon app. They should be available on the bank account you selected within few working days (up to 3 days).

    To add account press “+” and go to Bank account form to enter: account name and account number, the name of the receiver and address. Account name and account number are obligatory. You can also set the new account as default one.
    Confirm by “SAVE”.
  • How do I cash out my money at a CashOut Store?

    To redeem your e-money and withdraw cash using a CashOut Store you need to log into Billon application, select "CASH OUT" and then select “CashOut” option.

    You will see “CashOut Vouchers” where we will present all Vouchers you already generated.

    If you want to generate a new Voucher press “+”and move to “Create CashOut Vouchers” screen.

    Next, enter the amount you would like to Voucher.

    Press “Next”.

    On next screen the application will calculate and present you a fee for this transaction. During the test, we won’t charge any fee, so in the application we will show 0 Pounds (GBP) as a fee.

    By selecting ”Accept” you will agree on this transaction together with the fee.

    The transaction will be in progress and on the Dashboard you will see the money deducted from Billon. Your new Voucher will be presented at “CashOut Vouche” screen.

    Present your Voucher at selected CashOut Store. You can find the map of i-movo CashOut Stores at the screen where the Voucher is stored or here.

    All your Vouchers are stored in Billon application at “CashOut Vouchers” and you can find them after selecting ”CASH OUT” and “CashOut” option.

  • How to make a payment using my Billon app?

    Currently, within the Billon app you may do the payment selecting “PAY” and “By username” option. Next, please enter a username of the Receiver and amount that you want to transfer. Press “PAY” – it’s done. You will see the transaction on your Dashboard

  • Do I have to look for the appropriate denominations of e-money to make a transaction in the application?

    No. The application automatically selects the appropriate denominations to make a payment.

  • What happens when I have e.g.: 10 GBP on the application, and I want to pay 2.50 GBP?

    E-money, in the same way as the paper cash, has been divided into appropriate denominations. The application itself selects “coins” and “notes” which are needed to get the required amount. In case, the application doesn’t have enough change, it sends a signal to the Billon system and asks for needed denominations. Everything happens automatically. Participants of a transaction see only the final effect, although before transaction happens, there will be an information about lack of suitable coins and information that the process of “e-money change” has started.

    In some cases, the change process may fail. If it happens, please repeat the transaction.

  • Why during the transaction of receiving e-money from another Billon user (Sender), Recipient must be logged in the application?

    Billon, as the only one in the world, provides immediate settlement, verification and money transfer from a Sender to a Recipient. This means that money is immediately on a Recipient’s application, instead of waiting for intermediaries’ settlement or Clearing Companies. But to achieve it, both participants have to be logged in the Billon application.

  • Where can I review my transaction history?

    At the Dashboard of your Billon application you may see “Recent Transactions”. There we present your last 5 transactions plus all transactions in-progress. To check more please select an arrow next to “Recent Transactions”

  • Is it possible to cancel/revoke a transaction?

    No. A transaction cannot be cancelled, revoked or deleted by any of the users. E-money works in this case, exactly the same as paper cash; no agent or transaction party can cancel the payment.

  • Can I use my Billon application on several devices?

    Yes. Generally, the Billon application can be downloaded and installed on several devices like Android phones, tablets or PCs. During this pilot we recommend to install the app only on mobile phone/s (Android).

    If you download the Billon app on more than one device and like to have the access to your money from any of these, you need to keep your e-money in the Vault. To access such founds, you need only log to the app on selected device and transfer e-money from the Vault to this device.

  • How and where I can change my Billon application password?

    You can change your password in the “Settings” section.

  • I do not want to continue using Billon application anymore. What should I do?

    First, you need to cash out (redeem) e-money collected on your application using e.g. cash withdrawal or bank transfer, then you may simply uninstall the application from your device/s.

  • Problem solving

  • How to report the error?

    In case of any problem with Billon app you are asked to inform us about it by clicking ‘Report issue’ button that is located in right upper corner of each Billon application’s screen. Reporting the issue from the app allows us to gather all necessary information related to an issue.

    You may also contact us writing an email to: support@billonfinancial.com, and describe the situation. Sometime we may ask you to repeat the process to be able to send us an issue report directly from the app.

  • What if I cannot log in to my Billon application?

    If you are already a registered Billon user, and yet you cannot log in, then make sure that you’re correctly entering the password you committed during the registration.

    If you entered the correct password, and the problem still exists, it may be caused by the lack of or poor Internet connection. Make sure that you have a good network connection.

  • I forgot password to my application. What should I do?

    If you do not remember your password to Billon application it is possible to retrieve it by using password recovery procedure.

    1. Select “Recover password” at “Welcome screen” of Billon app;
    2. Enter your username into field named “Username”;
    3. Enter your email address, the same you put into the app during registration process;
    4. press “Next”;
    5. After few minutes, on your email, you should receive 2 messages. In each message there will be a key to password recovery;
    6. Note: Please check also your “spam” folder;

    7. In the application, enter key nr 1 to the field marked 1 and then enter key nr 2 to the next field;
    8. Press “Next”;
    9. You will be asked to enter new password and confirm it.
    10. And that’s it. You have a new password and you can log in to the Billon app.


    Do not start the password recovery procedure more than 1 time in a short time! If the password recovery is started several times during short period, it will generate more messages. Entering codes for password recovery from the wrong email can result in failure to recover the password.

    If you didn’t succeed with password recover for the first time, please wait a while (e.g. 15 minutes) and try again.

  • What are the consequences of interrupted or not completed transaction?

    There are no consequences.

    If a transaction had been interrupted, it does not involve any accounting consequences. Cryptographic protocol used by your Billon application makes sure that the e-money always has only one owner. If the transaction was successful, a Recipient is receiving money, if the transaction is aborted the money is still on the Sender’s application. Application of the Recipient and the Sender allows both of them to view transaction`s history and check if the transaction was successful or interrupted and on what stage. The application allows you also to retry an uncompleted transaction.

  • I received a notification about exceeded transaction limits. What does it mean?

    Every institution that issues e-money sets transaction limits for your safety. The list of all existing limits for transactions on the Billon App is in the Appendix No. 1 to Billon Terms of Service and on our website: billonfinancial.com.

    In your Billon application you can also check the basic limits and those that are running out. To do this, on your Android phone open Billon app and then open the menu located in the upper right corner of the main screen. Then go to “Settings”, under “More” section „Limits”. You will see a list of the most important transaction limits there.

  • Are there any restrictions on Billon application usage?

    To use Billon you must be over the age of 13, have the application installed and work within the existing legal order.

    At the begging, you will be treated as an “unidentified user” as we will know only your username and the email address. So, when the value of your transactions, during a calendar year, exceeds the equivalent of 2,500 Euros, we will hold all transactions coming into and from your account (e.g. return it back to a Sender or your bank account). Next, we will need to verify your identity, running KYC process (Know Your Customer), to make transactions available again.

    For safety reasons, we also established the maximum transaction limits, e.g. how many transactions per day you can do. Detailed information about limits is available in the Appendix No. 1 to Billon Terms of Service and on our website: billonfinancial.com.

  • How can I update my application?

    Billon application is in testing phase, so there is no possibility to update it using “Update” button in Google Play. So, once the newest version of the app is published, Google automatically pushes an update on your phone. It may take up to 3 working days. When you receive email notification with information about the newest version of Billon application, please check if your app was already updated.

    To make sure that this process will succeed, you have to be sure that the auto-update of apps option on your phone is turned on.

  • Where and how can I check if I have the latest version of Billon application on my phone?

    First, please launch Billon app on your Android device (phone) and next, open the menu located in the upper right corner of the main screen. You will find the information about the application’s version when you go to “Settings”, under “More”, in section „About application”.

  • Safety and personal data protection

  • Is Billon application safe?

    The safety of transactions and electronic money is our top priority.

    To secure your e-money we use the most advanced technology in the world. This is why, we created the application and every single file of e-money, in such a way that their falsification, breaking or theft is impossible. In creation process we used mathematics, cryptology and their laws, e.g. we secured every file with the use of elliptic curves and forward secure signatures - the advanced mathematics model which ncrypt server file in a unique, random way, which is independent on the application and enables the verification of its authenticity by every application user at the same time.

  • What happens to my e-money if the device where I installed the Billon application is damaged?

    Billon application does not possess a central database and all data, including user’s e-money are stored on his/ her device (unless it was put into a Vault). Therefore, there is no physical possibility of reclaiming lost money. It works just like the wallet where you store your paper money - when it gets damaged, the money inside is lost as well.

    But Billon application has one advantage over the traditional wallet - the “Vault” function, where you can safely store your money, not worrying about losing or destroying your device. To prevent the client from losing a substantial amount of money, Billon application provides a setting, which automatically transfers amounts bigger than 52,5 GBP to the Vault.

    This setting can be changed depending on your preferences, in particular in such a way that all your money is kept in Vault.

  • What to do if I lost e-money as a result of Billon application’s error? How will I get it back?

    If the amount of your e-money gets reduced due to an error, contact us on support@billonfinancial.com to explain the case. Do not forget to report the problem by ‘Report issue’ button, which can be found in right upper corner of the Billon application.

  • Is e-money anonymous?

    E-money is anonymous and we do not have information regarding transactions within Billon application except information on buying and redeeming e-money. Transaction’s participants share only their username and email address and, in some cases, mobile phone number if they input it to the app. Additionally, he/she can voluntarily share the data needed e.g. to prepare an invoice or delivery data in case of shopping.

    Only in the case of exceeding the regulatory yearly transactions’ limit, which is the equivalent of 2500 euro, verification of application user’s personal data is indispensable.

  • Is paying with e-money legal and what are the limits?

    The use of e-money is completely legal, just like the payment with paper cash. Both, transactions with traditional cash and electronic one, have their limits. Payments carried out with e-money, which value exceeds a set amount - the equivalent of 2500 euro will make us (Billon) to perform Knowing Your Customer process and ask you for personal data that allow for your identification. The purpose of these regulations is i.e. prevention of money laundering.

  • What happens with my personal data?

    Unless you share your personal data by yourself also within KYC process (Knowing Your Customer), nobody can get to know it. Your data is saved only in your Billon application, and is under your control. Application software codes it automatically, using cryptographic keys, which were generated by your Billon application during the registration process.

  • What kind of data is needed to transact with e-money?

    To perform e-money transaction using the Billon app only usernames of transaction participants are needed.

  • Is theft or falsification of the e-money possible? How to prevent from such incidents?

    E-money is completely safe from the technological side. It cannot be falsified or copied. The e-money files include encoded data, which enables their use only by their current owner. To create e-money, which is compliant with all the safety requirements, we had to implement very advanced safety technology, which is user-friendly, comfortable and easy to use at the same time. Billon application marks every digital file in such a way that the crimes against e-money are easily detectable for us.